7 Pro Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips for 2021

7 Pro Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips for 2021

Facebook messenger is the best digital way of connecting quickly and more efficiently with your target audience and potential clients. A large number of businesses use Facebook messenger as a strong marketing tool. Besides the use of Facebook messenger bot has further added to the capabilities of a messenger.

A messenger bot is a kind of software that can provide personalized and more human responses to their questions and efficiently initiate two-way communication. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence and thus offers a realistic touch to the communication and creating engaging conversation sessions. Due to its humanlike capabilities, a messenger can even convince the targeted audience to buy your product or services or subscribe to your email list.

By using the Facebook messenger bot for your business page, you can enrich the customer experience, connect better with the audience, gain more subscribers and also multiply the conversion opportunities. However, in order to enjoy the maximum benefits out of Facebook messenger bots, you need to plan a proper strategy.

In this blog we have mentioned the benefits of using Facebook messenger bots and also shared 7 actionable tips that are updated as per the latest trends and guidelines to improve the deliverables of Facebook messenger bot in 2021 and enjoy optimal business benefits:

Tell people that it is a chatbot…. and not a real human


While the chatbots are registering fast growth and acquiring human-like qualities, we cannot (and may never) efface the difference between a machine and a human worker.

  • Clarify this before beginning the conversation by telling them that they are conversing with a chatbot. It will save the users from unrealistic expectations that may eventually result in irritation.
  • The above transparency and integrity should also be maintained while adding the users to your subscriber’s list. The netiquettes, as well as business ethics, require you to ask the users if or not they want to be subscribed.
  • Besides, there is no use in subscribing to users who are not interested as it will not only hurt their experience but will also fail to deliver any value to your efforts as your


Incur Efforts in the Right Direction

Messenger bots can also help in gaining more subscribers by automating the subscription process. However, many businesses fail to incur serious efforts in the right direction as they have the notion that simply clicking the Get Started option or a website link will get the users subscribed but that’s not true in most cases or may result in an incomplete process that doesn’t deliver the real benefit

  • The automatic subscription isn’t activated until or unless the user has sent a message to your FB page
  • Besides, there are specific buttons that automatically display a message when users click them and they can also activate the subscription
  • So the best strategy is to encourage an audience for starting a conversation with a chatbot or send a message to the audience to initiate communication.


Offer a Distinct Personality to Your Chatbot

Gift a personality to your messenger chatbot by aligning its communication style with your brand image and objectives. It will help it in starting engaging conversations aimed at convincing the users to make the decisions that benefit your business. It will also lend a strong character to the bot that helps users to connect quickly.

  • Design the questions and answers in an appealing manner using natural language that isn’t strictly formal.
  • Casual style relaxes the users and helps in extending the depth and length of conversations.
  • Using a bit of humour can make the conversation all the more interesting while at the same time enriching the character of your chatbot.


Use The Format That The Audience Like

The format of the content also matters a lot. Most users prefer two-way communications. Avoid the formats that require a long series of one-way input from the clients like lengthy checklists or long forms.

  • Such formats should be very specific and brief.
  • For instance, you can just ask for the name and email address or a checklist with 3-4 quick options.  
  • It is strongly recommendable to design most of your content in the form of a two-way conversation.


Design Engaging Conversational Flow

Be creative while designing the communication flow of your chatbot so that it should adopt the traits of a clever salesman who wins the heart of potential clients with smart communication skills.

  • Don’t neglect the skills of your own sales and marketing team with real flesh and creative mind! Make it an integral part of planning the conversational flow of your chatbot so as to maximize its potential!
  • Based on their direct ground experience your marketing team can help you a great way of designing a purpose-specific communication flow aimed at keeping the customers engaged until they get convinced!


Leverage The Appeal Of Messenger Bot With Interactive Video

A more effective way to extend the benefits of chatbot capacity is to combine it with live video. For that, you need to be a little creative and offer special gifts to those who subscribe to you are but. You can create an engaging video on Facebook Live on how free gifts can benefit the visitors and tell them to subscribe to a chatbot to get the free gift.

  • For instance, if you are offering a free eBook on e-marketing then use Facebook live mentioning that it contains actionable tips, time-tested strategies, tools and platforms to help them make better marketing decisions for maximum benefits.
  • Somewhere in the midway or towards the end, inform them to join the subscription list for getting the download link. In the comment box, you can add your chatbot subscription link.
  • Avoid highlighting the need for subscribing before you have told about the benefits of the freebies for the audience. This approach helps in triggering the need to getting freebies and thus ensures a better subscription rate


Short And Sweet Content Delivery

People have a short time and especially the ones who use mobile to browse the net cannot afford to incur much time with your chatbot. So, avoid long paras or sentences as it can repel the customers.

  • Always remember that chatbots are meant for sparking two-way conversations with real experience and not for the long and boring monologues.
  • After creating the content use different strategies to make it short and sweet
  • It involves shortening the sentences, using crisp and quick style and avoiding paras that seem to be overflowing by breaking them into multiple parts.



There are a number of digital platforms and innovative techniques that you can use to enhance your business and increase profitability while enjoying a better conversion rate.

One of the latest options is facebook messenger bots that harness the capabilities of AI to initiate an engaging conversation with your targeted audience and answer their questions more efficiently.

In this blog, we have talked in details about the benefits of Facebook messenger bots and also suggested various innovative and actionable tips to enjoy potentially to the fullest for increasing purpose-specific business advantages.

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