VSI International Senior Secondary the Best English Medium School in Jaipur

VSI International Senior Secondary the Best English Medium School in Jaipur

Schooling through English medium has become a tradition. The English language has formed a very essential element to lead a healthy career or profession. That’s why parents desperately want their wards to study in English medium school in Jaipur.

The role of English medium school is growing day by day. Priorities have been changed now parents are not only concerned about educating children but they prefer education through English Medium school.

The numbers of English Medium schools have increased in Jaipur. And they all are very efficient schools. But if we talk about the best school in Jaipur that is the only VSI international -The best English Medium school in Jaipur.


About VSI international -The best school In Jaipur

In the year 1979, A society named BLUE BLESS SHIKSHA SAMITI founded a school in Jaipur city at a very renowned place of Jaipur, Sanganer, Pratap Nagar to educate all.

Mr R.C.Sharma, a chartered accountant of Jaipur, commended it. In 42 years VSI International school moved under so many stages but one thing was always there and that is its dedication towards students and always the best result.

VSI international school passed out students are giving best in their fields.VSI international school not only teaches students but motivates them to give their best. They work on their skills to give them lifelong experience.

VSI international always ensures that Students get English to English Learning strategies so that they become acquainted and comfortable with English. And gives the best performance even in their professional life.

VSI international school has created a comfy atmosphere in the school premises with which students do not run from school they like their school.


VSI International best school in Jaipur Academics 

VSI  international Best senior Secondary has classified its academics into three wings to run school management smoothly and maintain the decorum of school. As



This group contains students from playgroup up prep (Preparatory).This the first wing of VSI international, the best play school in Jaipur.

VSI international has maintained a separate portion of the school for the playgroup. The playgroup classroom is decorated with play items and walls are painted on the animated theme with lots of Teaching-learning materials (TLM). Along with classrooms, restrooms are also made to give healthy and homely feelings to toddlers.

Indoor and outdoor game facilities are also there for toddlers. Teachers use play-way teaching patterns to make toddlers learn. They involve every kid in the activities to keep engaging them.


Junior Wing

Just after playgroup students reached into the junior wing that is the second academic wing of VSI international, the best school in Jaipur.

Mainly, class I to VIII covers this wing. This is the wing where kids follow the routine of school. The teaching pattern remains the same but it gets elaborate.

Subjects are introduced like Hindi, English, Maths, EVS, etc. If we say it understands the real meaning of school so it won’t be wrong.


Senior Wing

The senior wing consists of two groups of classes. The first is secondary section classes IX & X and the other is senior secondary section classes, XI & XII.

Now Students of X class have to face the first time Board Examination. Which is considered a crucial one.After X class for XI and rest of education selection of subjects that are called optional subjects.

VSI  international senior secondary school has all three subjects from XI and XII’s class named Arts, Science, and Commerce. Every year VSI international senior secondary school students give the best result by following VSI international school methodologies.

VSI international put the pressure to create an English Learning environment with quality teaching to broaden the perspective and provide an International scenario.


VSI international school Infrastructural facilities

VSI international best school in Jaipur English medium is full of Infrastructural facilities that make a sound format of school like

  • Playground
  • Activity Rooms
  • Computer Labs
  • Transportation 
  • Safety and Security
  • Reader’s Hub
  • Math Lab
  • Smart classrooms


VSI International the best English Medium School Curriculum

VSI international follows very effective teaching strategies even though the curriculum of the school revolves around it. That’s why the VSI international school curriculum is preferred more than other schools.

VSI international uses teaching techniques that are best known for learner-centred curriculum.VSI international school equally engages students in the learning process that develops confidence level in students.

And set the best example of students centred curriculum.

VSI international best school in Jaipur learner-centred curriculum is not limited to academics it covers very perfectly extracurricular activities as well.

Extracurricular activities are a rich source to instil other skills like management, teamwork, hard work, leadership, decision making, handling failure, etc. in students.


VSI International best English medium school Extracurricular Activities

For developing physically and mentally VSI international school conducts extracurricular activities regularly. Which are favourite of students like

  • Dance and Music
  • Art and Crafts
  • Quiz and Debates
  • Spoken English 
  • Judo, Karate, and Yoga
  • Abacus



This, not the End VSI international and efforts and dedication is limitless. To know more about VSI  international the best school in Jaipur You have to visit and by yourself see the dedication to be best and hard work to enable students to face the real-world challenges.

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