Tools to Check For Electrical Voltage

Before starting repair and maintenance work on electricity plants, it is necessary to check if there is Voltage Electrical Work. This step is not exclusive to light plants: it is also necessary for maintenance work on transformers, UPS, chillers, and telecommunications towers. But what tools can you use to find out? Get to know some of them here.

The importance of checking for electrical voltage Monitoring the electrical voltage of a device is not exclusive to maintenance work. It is important and necessary to review the quality and quantity of energy that the devices receive. 

Even by checking the existence of electrical voltage, it is possible to detect that a piece of equipment has stopped working. For all this, we could say that the objective of this check is the safety of both the workers and their equipment and facilities. Having a specialized tool will be a great ally in the security of your company. 

However, to ensure maximum security, it is best to contact an expert.


Tools Used by Power Rent Technicians

Our technicians, thanks to their years of experience and training, know the best tools to check for electrical voltage. For practical purposes, and not to name any brand, the recommendations of our experts have been grouped according to their characteristics:

  • Non-contact voltage detectors
  • Pole finder
  • With a multimeter or tester
  • Next, we will detail its main characteristics:


Non-Contact Voltage Detectors

A Non-Contact Voltage Tester is equipped with the ability to detect electrical voltage and magnetic field without direct contact. They are very simple to use and, in addition, they are quite comfortable in their operation. Just hold it close to any conductive wire and the device will indicate whether it has power or not. In addition, it is not necessary to maintain contact: by bringing it closer it is enough to know the status of the electrical installation or the equipment that you want to check.

The price is not high and it can be operated by professionals with years of experience, as well as by people who have been trained in its use. Although our recommendation is to always leave it in the hands of experts. This will avoid technical and/or security problems.


Pole Finder

The pole finders are tools that allow the checking of conductive wiring, but at the power, level compared to the ground. Due to its shape, it can be mistaken for a screwdriver, which is why it is important to stay alert. Electrical Voltage Safety for Homes and Workplaces. Its main function is to allow the presence of voltage to be seen using its test leads. In the event that its tips touch a voltage, a light will come on in the device under test, indicating the presence of a current.

Having a pole finder in the toolbox is very common for electricians. This is because their use is quite simple and they are very inexpensive devices. Its way of use is by connecting the tips to the cable to be checked while touching the metal back of the finder with your finger. But, as a side note from our team of technicians, pole finders break easily. In addition, with the passage of time, they become inaccurate, giving little reliability to the result thrown.


With a Multimeter or Tester

With this device, it is not only possible to know the voltage level that a device has. It also provides the value of the exact voltage that passes in the space to be checked. The multimeter allows measurements of different electrical quantities. The latter means that its use is recommended only for professionals who have the preparation for it. This will prevent breakdowns and delays in the verification processes.

Before purchasing one, it is important to verify its quality, as a wide margin of reliability is required to check the electricity in the workplace. A multimeter will allow you to see the voltage between phase and neutral when it is a single-phase voltage, and between the phases themselves when it is a question of two-phase or three-phase voltages.

Thanks to technological advances, it is becoming easier to carry out repair and maintenance work on electricity plants, as well as transformers and chillers, among others. However, it is recommended that they be carried out by professionals. With sufficient experience, they will be able to check for electrical voltage and Electrical Testers.

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