Ditch Drama, Embrace Stream Why You Need this Entertainment Upgrade

There is no compulsion to have a streaming platform logged into your computer or even your phone but who are we kidding? Sitting with friends not aware of what happened in the recent episode just because you wait for the pirated version to come online, is pretty embarrassing. 


Shame aside, you also get curious to watch your favorite shows as soon as they are released. And to stay safe from spoilers, you have to be one of those initial heroes who have completed the series. 


Why Do You Need Streaming Platform 

Having the best streaming service is a hassle-free source of entertainment. And what is life if it lacks entertainment? Having a streaming platform can help you remain updated on your favorite shows and recently released movies. You can have the freedom to watch them over and over without anyone judging you. You can stop a movie anywhere you please and continue as you like. 


You might think of the best streaming service as a robot that plays and stops your TV shows according to your schedule unlike the 2-minute rushed bathroom break during the commercials with conventional TV. Not only this, streaming platforms have enabled many people to sit with friends and binge-watch their shows thus having quality time with the people they love. 

By connecting effortlessly with family, you can begin a journey of extreme happiness. But wait, before we dive into this magical world of streaming, let’s get into the exciting atmosphere of live cricket! Join us as we watch the IPL season live from home where the excitement of the game unfolds in real time amidst the passionate excitement and camaraderie of fellow cricket lovers. After experiencing the thrill of live cricket, we leave with a new appreciation of the power of entertainment that transcends boundaries.


All family members can have their favorite shows starred to watch them later and a single streaming platform can be a source of entertainment for the entire family unlike fighting over the remote with your sibling to put your favorite channel on. 


Considering so many benefits, streaming services have become a need for all of us. Many options in the market such as Netflix, HBO YouTube TV Promo Code, Amazon Prime and many others offer a vast range of services that a person can take advantage of and enjoy binge-watching on a weekend. 


And the last benefit of video streaming? If parents are reading, you can unsubscribe them anytime you want (if your kid doesn’t focus on studies). So with the help of a reliable and best streaming service, one has control over the limit, hours, content, time, and addiction. But what is the best streaming platform for you? We won’t make that decision for you, you will! 


Things to Look For in Streaming Service

Start with the most important factor for you. If price is the main concern then you can opt for the cheapest streaming platform for you. If the collection of shows is vital then make a decision based on that. 



Not all streaming platforms have everything popular or to put it better, everything you like. You cannot just get up and find out the service you have does not stream your favorite TV show. That’s heartbreaking at so many levels and the real pain of paying and not getting what you want is damaging. 


Although there is no easy way to find out what platform has the right collection thanks to the internet there are several tools for that. Platforms like JustWatch and ReelGood, for example, allow you to browse for movies and TV shows (as well as add several to a watch list) and see which sites provide them.


On the subject of live TV, you can encounter a related issue, as not all providers have the same channels.


Streaming Speed

Nobody loves the constant buffering sign that captivates our screen. Having a strong internet is important but a great streaming service will help you stream content at amazing speeds. You won’t have to wait every two seconds to hear the next dialogue nor would your favorite actress be cut mid-sentence. Streaming speeds are usually different than promised but you can read customer reviews to find out the best streaming speeds. People usually complain about constant buffering on the internet and this could be your chance to make the right choice. 


Content Personalization

Why Netflix is one of the favorites? It takes personalization to a whole new level it gives you a chance to watch shows that you didn’t even know you would love and users love that. This algorithm to deliver what your user would love to have is one of the most desired qualities in streaming platforms. Users get their favorite genres presented to them in a way that keeps them hooked for hours. Also, they don’t have to spend hours finding the best shows for them as the top trending is another way to find out the most famous shows. Now there is no chance you could be an outlier in that recent episode discussion.



Watching a movie might take 90 minutes but deciding what movie to watch takes hours. This is true especially when you are all excited for a big binge-watch day, you cannot just compromise on an ordinary show. Having categories will help you find the best show for you and that too in a matter of minutes. 


Most streaming platforms offer the chance to locate your favourite show and you can also add it to your watch list to discover it later. We recommend you shortlisting shows you are willing to watch so that when the popcorn is ready you don’t have to waste time searching for the show.



We all are guilty of making important decisions based on the price and it’s rational. After all, it’s our hard-earned money being spent on a streaming service. The price packages are usually in terms of a monthly subscription or annual subscription. You can choose anyone you like based on your budget or the features it offers. 


Moreover, almost all streaming platforms offer free trials to help you make a better decision. If a service does not offer a free trial then try looking for other options as that might not be the most suitable choice for you.


Watch with friends 

The pandemic has kept us all confined in homes not to mention the toll on our mental health. Sure we cannot go and see our friends in person but a virtual relationship should be strong. We all are in this together and everyone should help each other to come out of this case stronger than before.


Netflix offers to watch a movie with friends option where you and your buddies can stream a movie and chat about all the important scenes. So even if they are not right beside you, you both can enjoy some amazing time together.


Account Sharing

Each family member is not going to pay for service alone. This does not make sense. After all a streaming service should have enough sharing options that an entire family can enjoy streaming without any lag. A great streaming service will help log in to the account at many places at once and you won’t experience a crossover. Each member can enjoy movie streaming on their device easily.


There are many streaming platforms but not all of them offer cheap services and great content. A popular platform is YouTube TV. As we all are familiar with YouTube and its services YouTube is no less in quality and user-friendly approach. 


YouTube TV has a great selection of channels, outstanding DVR functionality, and reliable results. If you’re ready to afford the high monthly rates, it’s a great option for cord-cutters who want to recreate the cable TV experience. 


Moreover, you can also use the YouTube promo codes to save up on the subscription charges and they are not a one-time thing. YouTube releases promo codes and coupons to make its services affordable and accessible to everyone. 


You can also use the YouTube TV free trial promo code and many other YouTube TV discount codes which are often released by the service providers to enhance the quality of the service. 


You will get an endless supply of content from various platforms. Anything from sports, news, entertainment, and many other shows and movies there is a whole pool of online content to be discovered. 


Plus, YouTube TV allows you to share accounts on up to 6 devices, so you and your family can stream as much as you want. The starting price is $60 per month, which might be high for some, but the quality is worth it.

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