Distinction Between Online Group Card vs Traditional Card

We are living in a digital age, and hence even our emotional gestures are getting digital. We have started using lots of social media platforms to express our love and compassion for others. One more thing that contributes to this trend is e-cards and online group greeting cards. Because of the availability of several free online cards, many youngsters, office staff, and other people have turned to sending online wishes. One can send their love along with these beautiful online wish cards. Let’s discuss the benefits of Online Group Cards over traditional cards.


Seven Benefits of Online Group Cards


1. Fewer Efforts

This indisputable fact is a crucial facet of the effectiveness of sending an actual greeting card. It entails several procedures, including purchasing the card from a local retailer, writing a customized letter, purchasing a stamp, and delivering it through a mailbox or post office.


However, in recent years, this tedious chore list has been taken down a notch. Many services don’t even require one to leave the house to send an actual card. Instead, they can do it all from a website. 


However, a physical card delivered via a website won’t have a handwritten note, which certainly takes away some charms. But you can Customize An e-card with your thoughts and let your loved ones feel it. 


2. Cost-Effective

Traditional print cards may be time-consuming and costly to send, not to mention labor-intensive. Who wants to spend days folding envelopes and stamping eCards allows for quicker and more cost-effective methods of communication? 


One quick online process that takes next to no time ensures you can save a bit more for the end-of-year party eCards deliver a more immersive experience and ensure that you’re on top of the latest communication technology.


The Obvious benefit of an eCard is that it is 100% free. However, just because something is free doesn’t mean its recipient doesn’t appreciate it. One doesn’t need to open up their wallet, making sending eCards to multiple people relatively easy and fun.


3. Easier Accessibility

The fact that eCards simply require an internet connection is one of the reasons why they are so popular. Anyone can send one! And literally. So, if you’re in your house at midnight and you have a compunction about sending an eCard, you can do it. 


However, for a physical card, you’ll have to wait until the stores open in the morning. eCards are always accessible, while real cards depend on several external issues. Even the person can receive it. There is no chance of the card getting lost. 


4. Multiple Designs

One exciting aspect is the number of designs available. A store-bought greeting card is limited to only one message. However, there are hundreds upon thousands of card designs available online.


You can search through millions of designs and even customize your card the way you want. Online defeats the pure choice and the availability of physical stores. And customizing an actual card is a tedious job. 


5. Personalized Touch

Ensuring a friend, colleague, or loved one knows that this message is just for them and no one else, that’s when it’s unique. Personalization Makes People feel loved and remembered, and within eCards, it’s easy.


Sure, physical cards have the benefit of hand-written notes, which makes them more intimate. However, eCards afford someone the possibility to personalize their card differently: uploading photos to a blank eCard or something similar.


Receiving a sleek photo eCard via email or social media is undoubtedly unique. Imagine sitting at your computer and quickly deciding to send an eCard to a friend via Facebook with a nice photo of you and your friend; your friend will see a very cool card on their page.


6. Measurable

With the wonders of the web, you can track your online group cards as soon as you’ve sent them. So rather than traditional print cards when you never know if the delivery person misplaced it or the dog damaged it, your e-card analytics are instantaneous and real-time.


This invaluable benefit allows you to understand and see the effectiveness of your messages and campaign. For many professional services firms, receiving that personal thank you is the icing on the cake!


7. Socially Responsible

Everyone knows, save the trees! Around 10,000 trees are cut down annually in Canada to make holiday cards so switching to eCards not only shows your company is embracing change and technological development but also is environmentally responsible.



Ultimately, the traditional cards vs. online group cards debate rests on one’s preference of receiving a hand-written note versus a smart, digital, customized card. Regardless, keep in mind that both options are already a step above and will bring a smile to whoever gets a card, whether it’s digital or physical.

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