Decode Social Media Game for Success

Don’t you just love the sight of that 1 LIKE! Well, I once for sure loved it. But we homo-sapiens have limited our brains to social media just for posting our 100s of pictures on all of the platforms. I believe that we need to expand our mindset a little more like we try to expand our followers. Social media was started for family and friend interaction, but as our scientific know-how escalated, we started adopting social media on business platforms as well.


Starting right from selling clothes to selling drugs, everything is possible on social media platforms now. You think you are doing something extraordinary, but I bet there would be millions of people out there who have done that same thing before you or who are doing something new at the same time you are doing it. 


But all the Beauties and lesser the Brains have never worked for anyone. Well except for actors. Social media is an ever-changing and ever-evolving part of our lives. Most social network services are used by teenagers in the age group of 18-25. But I want to enlighten what they have acquired in return from that. Many have made millions and many have even lost their dignity. Most of us are just stuck where we are. But this is for those who have made millions and who wish to make millions.


It seems to me like new social media sites just keep popping up every week or two. But for a normal person, it’s not possible to keep up with all of them. New Social Media sites or application affects mostly bloggers and also it’s not reasonable to be on all of them.


I would rather say we should focus on just a  few networking sites or rather focus on only one site. All this can be achieved very simply by just keeping a few steps in mind. For example, our task is to identify the readers and then identify the social media they prefer.  It also depends on how much traffic a social networking site is getting. According to some recent numbers, the sites that get the most traffic are in the below order :

  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn 


LinkedIn has been added to the above list purely based on simple criteria that professional writers are geared around posting their work on LinkedIn more and our readers are attracted to that. But in all of this, the major thing we have to keep in mind is what are you hoping to achieve from posting. What kind of message are you trying to send to your audience?


With social media, we discover something new every day like new stories, new news, and much more. But in all of this, it also helps us build up new links that can support SEO [Search Engine Optimization]. SEO in simple words is the process of getting traffic from everywhere for FREE, and EDITABLE and NATURAL search results.


Best Time for Social Media Advertising

Having marvelous content is one thing and posting it is another. You just shouldn’t be so excited to put up your work on any platform at whatever time you like or you prefer. There are many things to be considered before uploading anything. Majorly time-zone. Well as we say the sky is the limit, we should always keep in mind that our readers can be from anywhere. It can start with the one little child who is labouring his way for his studies by selling tea and reaching our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.


As our multinational businesses have increased over the past year, time zones have now become a relative concept, yet it has also been a growing concern because it gets difficult to choose a time to post anything.


Another paramount thing to keep in mind is the posting schedule. Now imagine it is a Friday afternoon, and you get to know from your Facebook insights that your readers are online. And you don’t have anything to post. You immediately switch into panic mode and you check a few things and you post some crappy thing or rather some mundane thing. This not only gets u less attraction but also puts your site in a state of jeopardy.


Now imagine this in the reverse direction. You have the best content you have written to date but you don’t have enough audience. Well, that is an utter failure, right? Hence a posting schedule is one of the most prominent things we have to keep in mind. Now posting schedule should not just be limited to posting but you could take 10 minutes in the morning, as well as 10 minutes in the evening from your time and you should interact with your audience. You can Strategically Plan Your Social Media ahead of time and posts will be published at that particular date and time. This scheduling is so effective for understanding audience interaction and nature.


Build a little questionnaire section or poll kind of thing with your audience. The posting schedule should not be limited to only one particular day. We should try and cover all the possible routes like how many numbers of posts you should upload for a day. You know like 100 pictures in WhatsApp stories posts or normal people-level posts. You also should consider how many times you post in a day a week or several months. Well, I am not saying in years coz that just means you are doomed in your career.


Wiselytics have analyzed over a million tweets to determine the lifespan of a Tweet, the numbers are quite shocking people. According to them if you tweet a thing, it stays alive for 24 minutes on Twitter and for Facebook, It is 90 minutes.


Imagine you are flying to your dream destination, it is then, very obvious that you are going to put 100 pictures on social sites right? To others it might seem that you are showing off, but, it is also one kind of self-campaign right? You are promoting yourself to that level by using images as leverage for your followers.


In the same manner, all bloggers also need some kind of advertisement campaign to promote their stuff. We all have seen some random advertisements that keep on popping up. Those advertisements mostly ask you what kinds of stuff you are into or they show us the content which you browse frequently. So these are some kind of the tactics that can be used to promote your site or blog. There are many verticals present.

  • Business to Consumer Companies: They sell products to customers in a huge amount.
  • Business-to-business Companies: They sell products to other companies.
  • Software service providers: These would be the companies that sell software services.
  • Media: Blogs, News Organizations, and Websites are some of the heaviest users of social media.


Here we have analyzed some of the prominent times you can take as a factor to post on the Ultimate Best Times to Post on Social Media Guide site you like.


Now according to these categories, the time to post their thing varies a lot. If we take an example of B2C posting something on a weekend, let’s say on Facebook then, they will be benefited the most when they post between 1 and 4 in the afternoon. Also concerning all of this, there are many different strategies we can keep in mind while posting anything. One of my favourites is S.M.A.R.T.


Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time bound.

In regards to that, we should also engage in social listening. What I mean to tell you is that put a hammer when the nail is hot. Search for what people are demanding, what readers want to hear. With that, some healthy competition never hurts. You already know there are many competitors out there so try to learn from what they are already doing. 


A competitive analysis will help you understand who and what your competition is doing so well. You will get a good sense of what is being expected in your field, which can help you set some social media targets of your own. With all of this one utmost thing to note is in every post, replies, likes, and comments should serve a great deal of purpose.



According to my if you have great content, then no matter what, your content or picture or blog will spread in the whole wide world. On top of this regular monitoring of your social media engagement and all the analysis of your social data will help you find the best times to post on all the popular social networking sites. And I would like to tell you that never stop experimenting. Do not be afraid to post on non-active hours also. That way you will be able to reach out to such readers who would have otherwise missed out on it.

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