Coursework and Exams Homework to Students

For decades, examinations and tests have been termed as the necessary evil. But with us existing in the 21st century, the question that looms large is: Are exams indispensable?

Several schools worldwide have changed the face of education and chucked the academic norms by eliminating exams. Student’s Online Exams have often led to anxiety, as well as grades have paved the way for social division within a class. 

While educators and parents may shout out in unison against eliminating exams, there is a healthy alternative to help students learn. The solution here is coursework and homework. Regular coursework help students retain what they are taught better than memorizing stuff and puking it out when taking a test. 

Still skeptical about the efficacy of coursework over exams and tests? Read on to learn more about the importance and relevance of coursework in the world of academia. Here is how planning and programming help students understand better than taking tests.


Students Learn to Manage Time Without Panicking

Exams put students under a lot of pressure to organize their thoughts and put everything to paper while working against the clock. While some may debate that taking tests trains students to manage time better, often the stress gets the better of them.

However, homework extends beyond the classroom and into the home to teach students about managing time effectively. A student learns how to divide and conquer minus panic. The habit of completing regular coursework also instills a sense of responsibility and prioritization in young minds.

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Teachers Get to Measure a Student’s True Potential 

If you think that only exams can assess a student’s true potential, you are highly mistaken. Often, students memorize lessons and throw up whatever they have managed to learn hurriedly on paper. This way, the student does not remember what is taught yet scores well. Now, as an educator, you certainly would not want your students to be half-baked.

On the contrary, when you give your students homework, they have no option but to read and reread what has been taught to solve the assignments. Based on how a student answers an assignment, teachers can tell how well the young one has understood the content. Therefore, homework is a lot more flexible than exams, giving students another chance to revisit a chapter and break and learn it again.


Trains Students to Solve Problems

In an exam, students often become nervous due to the exam hall’s vigilant ambiance and the scarcity of time. This is why many students fail to solve problems even when they know the basics. As an educator, one must know how to prioritize. Do you want your students to solve problems better, or do you want to force draconian rules on them?

When it comes to solving coursework, students have the prerogative to solve problems at their own pace. When in a classroom, students get the unique advantage of solving problems with the teacher’s assistance. When at home, they can revise the lessons they have learned to implement the right strategy.

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Allows Students to Review Lessons

As opposed to exams where students choose to mug up lessons overnight, coursework gives them the chance to toss and turn in the chapters they have learned in class. This way, the process of learning does not end in school. 

When students continue to learn in the home environment, they get to review what has been taught in class. This constant revision builds on their knowledge and expounds on identifying alternative solutions and recalling information. Students tend to forget what they have written in a test, whereas solving homework ingrains information in their minds due to multiple revisions.


Students Learn to Be Responsible 

Teachers and educators may debate that exams teach students to be more responsible. However, the sense of responsibility lasts for a week until the exams end and students are back to square one. However, when students have to solve multiple homework papers every day, being responsible about their tasks and taking their education seriously becomes a subconscious habit.  

While exams serve the same purpose to an extent, the building tension can spell doom on a student’s mental well-being. With coursework writing, students learn to achieve educational goals without it being a herculean burden.

Students Don’t have to Take Wrong Path

Learning the entire syllabus of a semester within a week is next to impossible. As a result, several students take to a dishonest path and resort to cheating in exams. It isn’t rare among peers to join hands and pull off a cheating marathon, where everyone helps the other to answer questions. This way, neither learns the lessons well. 

However, such isn’t the case when solving coursework papers. Students get enough time to solve their assignments. They can go over the lessons as many times as they want to solve the homework papers. Again, they can seek help from a friend or a senior to solve the paper and still learn something at the end of the day.


Students Learn to Organize, Plan, and Then Act

Often, while racing against the ticking clock, students end up cramming in the examination answer sheets without paying much heed to the organization. Solving homework correctly is a systematic process. A student has to follow the assignment’s instructions, research, and take notes from various sources to write an informative paper. Coursework and exam preparation has to be done for the exam.

The detailed guidelines compel students to organize data and put them on paper in the correct order. Moreover, working on a coursework paper without a plan can put the assignment’s quality at risk. As a result, students have no other way but to take time to organize and research extensively to provide relevant information in an assignment. They also learn to complete a task within the set time.


Deepens Student Understanding Of a Subject Matter

As I have mentioned earlier, studying for exams is different from digging deep to gather facts for a homework paper. Exams are more about revising what has been taught in class throughout an academic semester. 

However, when students have to solve coursework papers, they have to understand concepts and go the extra mile to deepen their understanding of the subject matter. In that sense, homework makes the learning process more effective. As proven by a survey, students who solved their homework diligently have an advanced understanding of various topics.


Parting Thoughts

While exams once in a while can keep students in check, too many recurring tests can backfire. Too many exams can either bore down students and make them calm or weather them down with unnecessary pressure. That said, the same principle works for homework. Too much of it can backfire. Therefore, the ideal combination should be a blend of exams and homework to help in the all-around development of a student.


Bottom line

Educators must use homework to transform and simplify the learning process and improve students’ problem-solving skills.

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