How to Facetime on Chromebook Device: Download Facetime Application.

How to Facetime on Chromebook Device: Download Facetime Application.

Want to use facetime application on Chromebook os.

Of course, yes, that’s why you are here. Well, don’t worry, I will give you some unique pro guides so that you can make a facetime video call to your friends, family, and love ones.

Facetime is a widely popular app due to apple because Steve Jobs designs this app and it is madly and widely use by apple users. Everyone loves to use this app due to its unique live video calling features. 

You can use unique filters while calling and use filters, stickers, and emojis too.

According to time, as demands increases, people now start searching how to use facetime on Chromebook. 

Facetime is designed for iOS users, but for its popular demands, you can use it on your Chromebook too.


How to use Facetime on Chromebook?

Facetime is specially designed for iPhone, iOS, and mac os like operating devices, but it has huge market demand. That’s why you are here.

But unfortunately, sorry to say you can not use facetime on your chrome book device. 

But you do not disappoint, and I have its solution. That’s why I told you you could use it on your device mean Chromebook device.

You can use facetime in almost all types of os versions like Microsoft Windows XP, window 7, window 8, and Windows 10.

I know what you are thinking, so what are the requirements to use FaceTime on Chromebook device.

It would be best if you had an iOS emulator for your Chromebook os.

Did you play pubg mobile, Garena free fire, or call of duty on your Microsoft Windows or pc? How did you play? 

Of course, using the android emulator on my windows pc, exactly as an android emulator, helps you to play android games like pubg, free fire, call of duty, temple run, and other android games that’s like iOS emulator helps you to run iOS apps on chrome book device.

I tried it, and this works well. But there are many alternatives in the market if you don’t want to try an emulator.

I will guide you on which alternative is best for making a video call to your love once.

Facetime alternative for Chromebook

So, as I promised! I am sharing the top 5 facetime alternative apps that fill your facetime requirements. 

All these apps are well trusted, and you can use their web versions too. But some apps support their web versions only. So you have to decide which full fill your need.


Google Hangout

As its sounds, it is the product of Google, which is specially designed for hangout. You can make video calls, chats, and voice calls with your friends and loves ones. 

It is just similar to WhatsApp. You can share documents and files too in this app. So if you are thinking of using some alternative apps, then this is the best one.



This is a Microsoft product that is designed for instant connection with friends and family. Through this app, you can make HD quality video calls and audio calls. 

This app is known for its HD quality and clarity. You can use its web version too. Make a hassle-free account and enjoy HD quality video and audio calls.



This app is specially designed for meetings and conferences. Now a day this app is widely used in offices, schools, and organizations. 

These apps come with free and paid versions too. You can add 100 users for their free versions up to 40 minutes and 1000 users in paid versions. 

Paid versions come with unlimited video conferencing minutes.


Google Meet

This is also a google product similar to zoom, but this is best for security. As you know, it is a google product, and google never compromises security. 

So, all your data are encrypted here, which zoom doesn’t provide.

This app allows up to 250 participants for meetings and up to 100,000 viewers at the live stream. So, this is best for live stream.

In my view, if you are a small organization, then this is best for video conferencing. When meeting, users need to make an account in it or signup to manage you and provide you with a better host.


Google DUO 

This is another application of google which is specially designed for HD Quality video calls. You can make video calls with high clarity. 

This app comes with end-to-end encryption. So at the time of video calling, you don’t have to worry about any third-party apps which make interfering and steal your data.

I like this app most because of its security and trust in google. Google duo never allows any third-party app to record your conversation, so relax with the trust of google and enjoy your video calling.



I used all apps in my Chromebook, and all works fine, and all the above apps are well trusted and excellent in their industry. 

You can use anyone according to your needs. If you say to me which one is my favourite, I recommended google duo, which is best for video calling. 

If you have large groups, then you can use other alternatives too.


Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I use facetime on Chromebook OS?

No, you can not use facetime on Chromebook because Chromebook is specially designed for iOS users.

2. Can you video call on Chromebook?

Yes, you can make video calls on a Chromebook device. There are so many video calling applications that help you to make video calls on Chrome book.

3. Is the emulator is safe for using facetime on Chromebook?

Well, I used an emulator for video calling on Chromebook, which works fine without any issue. So, you can say it is safe for video calling.

4. How to make video calls on Chrome OS?

There are so many applications in the chrome store that help you make video calls on chrome OS.

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