Where can I get CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021 for all subjects?

Where can I get CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021 for all subjects?

Are you looking for all the CBSE Class 12th Papers in one place? You are on the right page; find the download link in this article.

The most important papers for practice are the CBSE Class 12th Sample Paper 2021 and then the CBSE Class 12 Question Paper 2020. You should solve these at least. For the other previous year’s papers, you can read them to find important questions for practice. 

Keep CBSE papers as your first preference as they will add more value than any other papers available in the market. Here, we have also shared how solving these practice papers can help you. Take some tips and implement them while practising; you will be better prepared for the exams.


Download the papers from VSI

You can get a complete set of CBSE Class 12 Question Papers of the last 10 years from VSI, including the CBSE Class 12th sample paper 2021 and previous year papers. The PDFs of marking schemes and answers are also given on the VSI website. You can download any other important study material like syllabus, books, etc. 

VSI Jaipur also shares expert career guidance for class 12th students. If you haven’t planned your career yet, see the ideal professional courses for you and their coaching programs. They have a proven record of giving top AIR students in the last decade. See more information on their website. 


Why practice with CBSE Class 12th Sample Papers only?

The CBSE Class 12th sample paper 2021 is the best choice in terms of practice question papers. Instead of purchasing question banks and papers from the market, download the CBSE papers sets. The few reasons why CBSE are more worth it is because:

  • They are designed by CBSE, the same body which designs the board papers. So the question paper pattern will be more reliable. You can get a clue of the level of paper in the upcoming exams. Seeing the sample paper’s questions, you can identify topics that CBSE can cover for more marks in the exams. 
  • The CBSE class 12th sample papers come with detailed solutions and marking schemes. You can understand and take points from these to enhance your answer writing skills. See what points and presentation style matter for the examiners and compel them to give you good marks in the answer sheets. 
  • The CBSE Class 12th sample papers 2021 are designed with the new syllabus. The topics reduced from the syllabus are not included in the sole papers. Even in the solutions, the relaxations CBSE has given are applicable. 


How to score good marks with the help of CBSE Class 12th Sample Papers?

Solve your sample papers or previous year’s paper like you are appearing in the board exams. Then, you will get the best benefit of solving that paper:

  • When you follow the time limit while solving the CBSE Class 12th sample paper 2021, you will get so many benefits from it. You can understand which subject papers are lengthy for you, where you can complete the paper before the exam time is over. You may solve problems easily, but you might make some small mistakes due to the time pressure. With such in-depth analysis, you can plan your exam time for all subjects.
  • Often during the paper, students make general mistakes that can cost them a lot of marks. This can be avoided if you know what mistakes you make, like writing abbreviations is a common thing for students during writing practice. But not all short forms are allowed in the exams. CBSE Class 12th sample paper 2021 and their solutions allow students to know where they write abbreviations and which ones are not allowed. Making calculation mistakes in a hurry is also common for most students. You can be more cautious when you know calculation mistakes can happen to you too.
  • The habit of solving sample papers helps in writing the answers in neat handwriting with good presentation. You won’t get extra marks for it, but you can save your marks by leaving a good impression on the examiner checking your answer sheet.
  • Learn to write answers in the word limit. Many students can’t follow the word limit in exams. Either their answers fall short to meet the word limit or exceed it. Both the cases will leave a negative impact on the examiner who is evaluating your answer sheets. If following word limits is a problem for you too, then write sample papers to understand and improve your answer writing skills.



Q1. Which sample papers should I use for practice?

Ans. Solve the CBSE class 12th sample paper 2021 as they have the correct syllabus and exam pattern. 


Q2. What type of questions will come in the 2020-21 class 12th board exams?

Ans. The question pattern is different this year. See the sample paper to understand better.


Q3. Are sample papers enough, or do I need to do more practice?

Ans. With the sample papers, you can solve a few of last year’s papers or at least go through them and solve a few questions. 


Q4. Does CBSE repeat the questions from the sample papers in the board exams?

Ans. It is rare for CBSE to give the same question from the sample paper in the main exam. But they can twist the question or reframe it and ask it again. 

Solving just one set of CBSE class 12th sample paper 2021 is not enough for your exam preparation. So you should get the CBSE class 12 papers of previous years from the VSI Jaipur website. If you missed the link, then scroll above, and in the beginning, you will find the download link for all CBSE Class 12 Question Papers. Practice more and learn from your mistakes.

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