CA Intermediate Fees

CA Intermediate Fees

The Intermediate course is the second level of the world’s toughest but the cheapest competitive exam CA. The total fees paid during the course is around Rs 35000 which includes registration fees, examination fees, ICITSS training fees, and other miscellaneous charges. This article is a breakdown of the total fees paid at the Intermediate level and an idea about the CA intermediate coaching fees. Before moving further lets us first brief ourselves on the CA Intermediate course. An organized framework of every sector has created much scope for CA professionals in India.

The Intermediate study is about everything you only know in brief. After Foundation exams, students register for the Intermediate exams in the CA course. The intermediate level is more advanced and comprehensive as compared to the foundation course. The Intermediate course was earlier known as the IPCC course which has been discontinued from June 2017 and any registration made thereafter is under the new scheme Intermediate course.

The students who are already registered for the IPCC course have their last attempt in November 2019. CA Intermediate registration happens twice a year in August and February for the exams being held in November and May respectively. The validity for CA Intermediate registration is for 4 years. The eligibility to register for Intermediate level is under 2 different routes Foundation Route and Direct Entry Route.

After clearing Foundation level with 40 % marks in every subject or 50% marks in aggregate, students are eligible to register for Intermediate level in Foundation Route

After clearing graduation or post Graduation with More than 50 % for Commerce graduate and 60% marks for other streams, the student can directly register for Intermediate course exempting foundation level.

There are 8 papers in CA Intermediate which is divided into 2 groups.

The registration for Intermediate level can be made under two approaches:


Foundation Route

The CA course fee structure (Foundation Route) includes registration fee, examination fee, student activity fees, ICITSS( Integrated Course for Information Technology and Soft Skills fees.

CA Intermediate Registration Fees for Nov 2019 is of Rs 11000 for a single group or Rs 15000 for both groups is to be made while making a registration under Intermediate level. The students can register either an intermediate group or both groups depending on their preparation.

The journals membership is free of cost for a student at this level.

After registration students enrol for the exams by filling application or exam form online and also depositing an exam fee of Rs1500 or Rs 2700 for a single group or both groups respectively to ensure their seat at the examination centre. If the students do not submit the application form on the last date they can submit it on ICAI allowed extended date with a late fee of Rs 600.

The old practical training programme has been changed by ICAI from Information Technology and Orientation Program into a combo pack of the ICITSS. It consists of a 4-week training for a minimum of 6 hours for 15 days for students in getting comfortable with the software used for interaction purposes and accounting purposes with the outer world. The fee of 6500 for (IT) and 7000 (Soft skills) includes the cost of conducting the session.

Student Activity Fees of Rs 2000 is paid to experience different workshops, seminars, conferences and other sources of study material provided by ICAI for the Intermediate level.

Particular Intermediate single group Intermediate Both group
Registration Fees 11000 15000
Journal membership
Examination fees 1500 2700
Practical training fees 6500+7000 6500+7000
Online form fees 200 200
Students activity fees 2000 2000
Total 28200 33400


CA Intermediate course fee structure For student overseas

Both Group Single Group
Registration Fees Us$1000 Us$600
Examination fees Us$ 500 Us$ 325

Direct Entry Route:

  • The students coming under Direct Entry Route have to register for both the groups and have to appear in all the papers of both groups. The students also need to pay Journal membership charges along with an Online exam form while registering for the intermediate course. The following table shows the total CA Intermediate fee given by a student, registering for the Intermediate group under the Direct Entry Route.
Particular Intermediate Both group
Registration Fees 15000
Journal membership 200
Examination fees 2700
Practical training fees(6500+7000) 13500
Online form fees 200
Students activity fees 2000
Total 33600


Students converting from old IPCC course to new Intermediate course only If registration is still valid will pay rs 500 for changing the scheme.

The registration can be revalidated by paying Rs 500 under the new course.

It has been found that many students enrol in some good coaching institutes around their locality to study for the Intermediate level in a focused and detailed manner. A good coaching institute charges around Rs 55000 to Rs 75000 for both groups of Intermediate level. The students can select either a single group or both groups. The coaching fee for the second group is slightly cheaper than the group1.

Many institutes also provide the facility to pay the fees in easy instalment or pay the whole fee is one payment.

We hope this article will be a help to find the CA fee structure for the Intermediate level in India.

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