Stay your brand inter-connected with advanced bulk SMS solutions

Stay your brand inter-connected with advanced bulk SMS solutions

With most of the methods of communication getting all equipped with the internet, SMS wasn’t the one to get behind. Using the power of the internet for text marketing makes the communication process fast, more effective, reliable and more.

In the world of digital marketing, SMS has been an old yet highly fruitful player. From small businesses to large corporations, it is used by many organisations for better reach and connection with the user base. As technology has evolved, SMS has shifted from being mobile-only to being present across channels on the internet.


The principle advantage when using our trusted bulk SMS is that you can send a great many text messages online – as long as you have their phone number.

Furthermore a large group of different advantages of our online bulk SMS solutions:

  • Speed: Typing a message on a console is a lot quicker, simpler and more exact than difficultly composing messages on your cell phone. When online, you can transfer your contacts into an information base (remember their nation code) where you can rapidly and effectively sort your message beneficiary list or target crowd.
  • Proficiency: Send messages right away or pre-schedule them for your favoured time and date. It is especially helpful for running your SMS campaigns for brand marketing, as you can communicate a great many messages promptly.
  • Usability: Send messages anyplace, whenever. All you require is a web association or admittance to your email. Message sending can likewise be automatised with our helpful bulk SMS service provider in Delhi and installed into your business cycles.
  • Easy to use: Online SMS is crafted for the business. Produce ongoing reports for your business analysis, make sure that messages for your campaigns are dispatched utilizing delivery receipts, and view a total history of messages received and sent to assure that you’re accomplishing the best Rate of Investment for your business.
  • Cost-viability: Sending text messages online through our hi-tech SMS portal is less expensive, and more time-efficient compared to sending them straightforwardly from your smartphone. 

There are a few different ways to send SMS messages online, and the best item will rely upon your business requirements.

  1. Via email: Email to SMS permits you to send and get text messages from your email programs, for example, Outlook, Gmail or Office365.
  2. On the web: Web-based SMS empowers you to send and get text messages from any PC with web access. It’s anything but difficult to set up, and no extra programming is required.
  3. With your software: With API integrations, we embed an SMS gateway into your current frameworks or CRM, empowering you to coordinate and computerize sending and accepting SMS. 

Let’s now discuss the latest, far-reaching and widely popular network of social media. With the correct SMS technology and people like us by your side, you can make great use of your social media base in converting them into your customers. Social Media, on this date, is a huge marketplace which is mostly run for the youngsters and by the youngsters. Using the power of bulk SMS, Social Media Entrepreneur can make a name for themselves by promotions, connecting and reaching out in the market.

With the speed at which social media is growing today, it’s not shocking to see it evolve into an all-in-one platform for today’s media generation. From a media platform to a fully functional marketplace, social media is transforming into an independent channel on its own, covering multiple major functions.

If you are one of those artists, curators, bakers, etc. who are selling your products and services on social media, we have got just the perfect tool to level up your brand. We are talking about our reliable bulk SMS solutions.

To help you understand how we, the best bulk SMS service provider in Delhi, can help you grow your social media business, we have compiled some major pointers:

  1. Convenient Customer Interaction: Managing your one-to-one conversations with each of your followers can get complicated in social media’s “DM” section. With bulk SMS, you can make your team interact with the customers on a personal level and solve their queries.
  2. Promote to the Masses: You can’t always trust the social media algorithm for your business promotion. Even pages with a huge following can sometimes face a low reach for a few of their posts. Our trusted SMS solutions, on the other hand, can make your offerings reach millions of your target audience. 
  3. Live Post SMS Alerts: Not all of your followers are going to hit the “notification” that will inform them about your new posts. But you can set up a notification system by yourself with bulk SMS. Whenever you make a new post on your social media channel, you can do a text blast which will send an SMS to all of your subscribers. 
  4. Order/Delivery Updates: You can set up automated SMS so that whenever a follower orders from you, they will receive a confirmation notification for their order. Later upon the delivery, payment and more steps of the order cycle, you can send SMS to them at each step for well-informed customers and establish trust within the business.

Social Media is growing at a supersonic stopped today. Youngsters in their 20s find social media to be a great stepping stone to start their entrepreneurial career. Such ambitious youth shouldn’t have to face the complexities. Thus, as an industry’s leading bulk SMS service provider in Delhi, we feel it to be our duty to help such enthusiasts making a name for themselves.

For more information, feel free to contact us now via call, message or through our website. We hope to serve you soon.

Send more than just texts with our hi-tech bulk SMS

Gone are the days when we used to send SMS with just texts in them. As the technology industry has moved forward, we have witnessed a step-up from the previous practices. Businesses have taken advantage of such advancements to grow. Text marketing can help you generate a higher number of leads, enhance your social media presence, get rich traffic on your website, connect with the customers via promotions, send them updates w.r.t. orders, deliveries and more.

Not just that, business enthusiasts use our powerful bulk SMS to send media files to their long list of customers.

  1. Images: Send pictures to your subscribers and excite their visual senses. Eateries can make the customers fall in love with their ambience; fashion brands can market their latest products, etc. Our reliable bulk SMS provides you with the latest SMS innovations.
  2. Videos: Is an image not enough for you? You can also send short, informative videos to your audience. Showcase your new product intro, send tutorials on your products and services and so on.
  3. PDF Files: For heavy text-based content, you can attach PDF files. It can be exceptionally useful for organisations to exchange files amongst the employees or with clients, for educational institutes to share assignments, study materials, etc.
  4. Web Links: We cannot emphasise more on the importance of a solid web presence for a brand to grow in the industry. With help from our bulk SMS, you can promote your website, social media profiles by sending their URLs to your subscribers. Promote your latest posts, run campaigns and so on.
  5. GIFs: Animated GIFs add an entertainment touch to your marketing and communication strategy. Customers would prefer brands that establish such a connection with their customers.

Using our advanced and user-friendly SMS portal, you can send these files by uploading them straight from your system. To enhance your brand image in the market and establish a strong connection with the user base, partner with our experienced bulk SMS team.

Why limit your SMS marketing to just text when you can do so much more? As the industry’s trusted experts for bulk SMS, we can offer top-notch SMS solutions which can allow you to send images, videos, GIFs, PDF files and web links to your social media profiles, website, etc.

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