Best Mountains in USA For Cycling

Many experienced cyclists will tell you that there is nothing more peaceful and therapeutic than cycling through the woods, and one of the best places that are filled with woods and mountains is the US. It is the best country mainly because there you will be able to choose from riding on snow-capped peaks to some of the greenest forests. 


No matter which one you choose, all the mountain ranges will award you with the most memorable scenic views. So, if you are thinking about going on a cycling adventure in the mountains, here are some of the best mountains that you can visit in the United States of America.

Explore Great Smoky Mountains

One of the most popular mountains in the US is the Great Smoky Mountains. They are a subrange of the Appalachian Mountains and are mainly located in North Carolina and Tennessee. It has been named after a famous god that is almost always present around the peaks. 


The Great Smoky Mountains are federally protected so that means that it is a natural park. With that being said, cycling is allowed only in certain parts of the mountains. You can choose from the Deep Creek Trail, The Gatlinburg Trail, and the Oconaluftee River Trail. These trails are more than enough and they will prove all the peace and magic that you are looking for when cycling. 


Cycle Through Magical Alaska Range

If you are looking for a more remote location to go cycling with exciting adventure with unforgettable emotions, yet something magical, the Alaska Range is the place to go. What makes it so popular is the title of the most incredible peaks. Just like the Smoky Mountains, the Alaska Range is a martial park that is federally protected. But unlike the other national parks, you will be able to cycle wherever your heart desires. Many different parts of the range will provide the same magical experience.


Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada Mountain range is made out of several different mountains that are located in the Golden West. This mountain range is the motherland of the three most popular national parks in the US, and those are the Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park as well and King Canyon National Park. All the locations will give you stellar views and great adrenaline-boosting rides. They are the best places you can visit.


Visit Famous Rocky Mountains

We all know about the Rocky Mountains they are probably one of the most famous mountains in the US. They travel over 3000 miles across North America and the major mountain range stretches from New Mexico to Canada. The most famous part is the Rocky Mountain National Park where you will be able to take on some of the cycling paths in the US. Your options are endless, from Bear Lake, Grand River Ditch, and Mummy Range to the famous Trail Ridge Road, cyclists of all levels can enjoy them.


Enjoy Scenic Views Of Cascade Range

The Cascade Mountains are also a very popular option and its most famous trail is the McKenzie River Trail. It offers 26.5 miles of fierce trails that both beginners and experts can have fun on. It will not only provide you with curves, ups, and downs but will also show you the amazing green forests as well as breathtaking waterfalls. But don’t worry this trail is also for riding fast if you want to. 


Breathtaking Olympic Mountains

This breathtaking mountain is located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. What makes it so impressive is the fast its higher peak is 7962 feet and it has some of the most adrenaline-rushing biking trails. There, you will be able to enjoy trails of all difficulties, but no matter which one you end up going on, Good-Quality Women’s Bikes are a must-have as it is rough mountain terrain. 


Test Your Skills In Blue Ridge Mountains

The famous Blue Ridge Mountains stretch all over the eastern part of the US, all the way from Pennsylvania to Georgia. This place offers so many different cycling paths such as Bent Creek, Emerald Outback Trail System, Rocky Knob Trails, and many more. There is a trail for all cyclists of all levels. 


Amazing Adirondack Mountains

Located in the northeastern part of New York, the Adirondack Mountains are the best place you can go for mountain biking. From Ausable Chasm to the amazing Speculator “Loop” Trails there is a trail for almost anybody. It is great all year round, just make sure that you are prepared for the weather you are going into as you don’t want to freeze or get a heat stroke. 


Drive Past Amazing Lakes At Sawtooth Range

The Sawtooth Range is a national park that is located in the Rocky Mountains, in central Idaho. Its highest peak reaches almost 11000 feet into the fluffy clouds. As it is such a tall mountain, there are a lot of cycling paths that you can enjoy, from bigger ones to extreme adrenaline-pumping ones. The two most popular ones are the Mill Lake Trail and the Prairie Lakes Trail.


Have Some Fun At Bighorn Mountains

The rugged Bighorn Mountains stretch across portions of Wyoming and Montana. Travel experts confirm this to be another exceptional mountain locale for travelers seeking adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventures. There’s much to do in Bighorn National Forest, but the most popular are mountain biking and Evening Desert Safari biking. The most popular ones are the Tongue River Canyon trail as well as the Beef Trail. 


Ancient Ride Tough Moab

If you are looking for a more historic rather than a scenic bike ride, a ride through Moab is the way to go. There are so many drops that will make your heart pump like the one that is 7,000 vertical feet down. But that means that there are also some steep going-ups. You will be able to pass through all the climate zones so make sure that you are prepared for this cycling adventure. As you are going up and down the vegetation will also drastically change and you will be able to see an amazing landscape once all the vegetation disappears and you are getting into the desert environment. 


No matter which one you end up visiting, you can’t make a mistake as they are all amazing trails. One thing that you need to keep an eye out for is the difficulty of the trails, if you are a beginner, you shouldn’t go on advanced trails as you can get hurt but also hurt other people around you.

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