Best AI Photo Keyboards for Smartphones

Every day we use our smartphones for various purposes. Today’s smartphones support useful apps that help us ease our day-to-day life. People use calling apps, messaging apps & social media platforms the most than other installed apps.


For messaging and uploading Social Media Posts, we need a keyboard to type the message & to create posts respectively. For this task, a default Android keyboard is pre-installed as a system app on every mobile phone.


Since the trend of using mobile phones for a variety of purposes became globalized, everything has modernized in the forthcoming versions of mobile phones which we call today smartphones.


But one thing that remains the same is the system keyboard. Most people feel their moods off when they click the textbox and an old-age keyboard appears for typing the message.


But you are here to read about something other than that old-fashioned keyboard. Right? So, in this article, we will introduce a smart AI keyboard for your smartphone that you will never wish to uninstall. Let’s begin.


Nowadays, many hide aspects of their private lives from their friends and family by using Smart Photo Gallery software on their phones.


What is AI Keyboard

AI keyboard is a next-generation smart keyboard app known as “My Photo Keyboard” which you can easily install from the Google Play Store. My Photo Keyboard app can completely change the look and feel of your existing keyboard. You can create a fully custom keyboard using this smart keyboard app.


The keyboard app is equipped with unlimited themes, 4k HD wallpapers, animated gifs, funny tap sounds, 3D key press effects, exclusive key shapes, cool fonts, and beyond.


Who Can Use Keyboard

The smart keyboard app is compatible with all Android devices. This app is specially designed with its usage keeping in mind. So, this keyboard app is best for people who frequently use messaging apps & social media platforms.


You can make your smartphone look like new if you turn your boring Android keyboard into a personalized smart keyboard. Let’s see what this keyboard can do.


Smart Features of My Photo Keyboard

The smart keyboard app lets you design your keyboard in your style. It offers cool themes & customizable features to completely change the look of your keyboard. Create a fully customized DIY keyboard using the below-described features.


Unlimited Themes

You can download and set the latest themes or set beautiful photos from your gallery. Unlock dozens of new themes every week. Open the theme store and make your choice from a diverse set of keyboard types like Today’s Special, Trending Keyboard Themes, New Themes, animated themes, etc.


You can search for your desired keyboard also. Try a deep search of AI filters such as 3D, classic, neon, festival, flower, love, kitty, RGB, lightning, backlit, cartoon, hot girls, night, chocolate, food, anime, nature, glowing, colorful, dark, etc.


The machine learning technology of My Photo Keyboard also supports searching keyboards by color names like red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, etc.


Thriller Wallpapers


Look smart with a smart-looking smartphone using awesome wallpapers. Set from a vast variety of high-quality HD wallpapers. Explore various categories such as anime, cars, girls, music, gaming, entertainment, food, neon, travel, nature, flowers, etc.


Animated Images

Use animated images to decorate your keyboard background. Experience live keyboard backgrounds using animated photos such as glitter particles, live mountain, hot coffee, live Golden Gate bridge, player panda, cute ghost, animated rocket, snowfall sparkles, underwater theme, foggy winter, thunderstorm, city nightlife, etc.


Funny Tap Sounds

Don’t you think the tick-tick sound of the old keyboard is annoying? Definitely. You might have turned off that sound. But wait!!!


You can change the keypress sound while customizing your keyboard. The app provides 70+ varieties of tap sounds including bubble, hammer, music, jumping, camera click, puppy, and the remaining ones you must try to experience.


3D Key Press Effects

It will be more fun watching visual effects every time you press different keys. The keyboard app offers various options to choose key press effects such as violin, Mario game, piano, heavy punch, bullet firing, message tones, flower, bow, biscuit, autumn, ball, and 100+ other effects.


Exclusive Key Shapes

Have you ever imagined that you can modify the key shapes too? My Photo Keyboard makes it possible for you. Try those variations of key shapes and set the one you like. 


The app facilitates a range of key shapes including oval, framed, thunderstorm, colorful, sparkling, etc. You can change it anytime, anywhere.


Cool Fonts

You might have installed other apps to use attractive fonts. But the My Photo Keyboard app eliminates the need for extra apps to install on your smartphone.


You can use various fonts like fashion fonts, signature fonts, brush fonts, graffiti fonts, horror fonts, cool fonts, gaming fonts, stylish fonts, etc. to chat with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media platforms.


You can change the font colors of your keyboard too. The app provides a color toolkit that lets you decide the font colors of the keyboard.


Do you Know?

Join the community of 10+ million people where you can share your amazing artwork. You can create amazing colorful keyboards & share them with others in the community section.


You can also download the keyboards & themes shared in the community. Just scroll, view, & download the keyboard you like. After that, you are just one click away from setting the downloaded keyboard.


Other Useful Features


Lock Screen Wallpapers

Download & set free wallpapers to decorate your home screen & lock screen.


Emoji Art

Share beautiful emoji art on birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, valentines, and whenever you want.



Cute stickers for chatting on any social media platform. Explore various stickers by categories like hot girl stickers, Panda stickers, Mr Bean stickers, Meow stickers, Minion stickers, Cute Bear stickers, etc.



A massive set of GIF images like funny, kiss, cartoon, cats, valentines, memes, awkward, comics, anime, birthday, cards, emotions, sports, games, food, candles, happy, bad, weekend, Saturday, goodnight and a lot more is waiting for just you.


Free Games

Uncover the hidden gamer inside you. Play free games whenever you feel stressed, bored, lethargic, and angry. You don’t even have to install specific games. Simply, you can play on the keyboard app’s game zone section.


Live Typing Features

One more specialization of this AI keyboard is emoji prediction on word typing. Start typing the words and the keyboard will automatically suggest related emojis.


The AI keyboard also provides other typing functionalities such as gesture typing, word prediction to autocomplete words, and much more. Select the gesture swipe color you love and input a word by sliding through the letters to use gesture typing.


Are you Still here

That’s awesome. We have introduced a next-generation AI-powered keyboard with mind-blowing features and functionalities to build your dream keyboard.


Now it’s your turn to customize your boring Android keyboard & utilize the AI functionalities of My Photo Keyboard. Use every feature to create a completely new, attractive, and colorful keyboard, and let the magic happen.


Stay tuned to get updates on the other technologies that you can access using your smartphone to ease your day-to-day life.

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