8 High Demand Beauty Jobs

Long forgotten is the days when makeup was only a beautification symbol, now it is an utterly lucrative business. Anybody who opts to search for a job in the beauty industry will come across something suitable, sophisticated, and profitable. Nowadays, there are hundreds of beauty-related job opportunities in Western Australia that pay well only because this cosmopolitan industry is constantly evolving. From running a salon to working as a riveting fashion makeup artist, for those who are eager to have a career change, beauty is the way to go.


1. A top-notch Hairstylist

If you thought hairdressers don’t earn much, you thought wrong! People will also go to experienced hairstylists rather than someone in the neighbourhood. Plus, this is a fantastic career opportunity for people who enjoy doing something new and fresh as hairstyles always change. If you show dedication and expertise, your salary can go up to $40,000 if not more. You would have the chance to focus on a single hair type, deal with various hair health problems, and always have a chance to excel.

2. A much-needed Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is currently in a high demand beauty job as people require professional makeup for weddings, anniversaries, TV shows, and even movies. In Western Australia especially there is a high demand for makeup artists who specialize in stage or television projects. If you would like to find and enrol in quality and creative make-up courses in Perth, you will learn all the vital aspects of beauty make-up application for numerous events. This can add up to earning an average annual wage of $70,000 and that can only be the start. Becoming a fashion makeup artist can be a daunting experience in the beginning due to eager competition, but it’s a maximally desirable and payable job for the future.

3. Specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry

IF you have already settled for a dentistry profession, moving forward to specialize in cosmetic dentistry will be an extremely lucrative decision. Cosmetic dentists and orthodontists earn over $200,000 with ease. More and more beauty-conscious individuals strive to spend money on placing braces, teeth whitening, and improving their overall teeth health. You would need to have a bachelor’s degree and later specialize in cosmetic dentistry which may take up several years, but it is tremendously profitable.

4. A Riveting Beauty Blogger

Those who know absolutely everything about beauty and love to write and share their ideas with the rest of the world can easily transform that into a well-paid career. As a beauty writer or blogger, you can either write for a classy magazine, a trending website or simply start your exciting beauty blog. You could write about the latest cutting-edge trends in the beauty industry and then get millions of offers to advertise, endorse or present various beauty products. As you would be sharing the latest information about various beauty products, promoting sustainability in beauty products, etc. more popular brands would want you to present their product.

5. Pursue a Career in Modelling

Modelling will never go out of style and it remains one of the most wanted beauty jobs that allows you to earn a significant amount of money. However, it is a significantly tough and competitive field as you need to look fit, healthy, tall, and unique. Once you enter the beauty industry as a fashion or beauty model, you can become a brand ambassador for different popular brands, work in the commercial or TV industry, and in the end earn over $100,000 annually. And if you make the right contacts and encounter successful people to work with, your career can skyrocket.

6. Become a Cosmetologist or Beauty Expert

Nowadays, being a beautician is a booming career. You would need to focus on a single item to specialize or opt to do various things but still ensure you are familiar with all characteristics. Cosmetologists focus on skincare, beauty treatments, and special cosmetics, while beauticians focus on other things. To become an expert cosmetician you need to finish a beauty therapy program or beauty school and later specialize in a single field. It’s worth noting that successful cosmeticians need to have a friendly and positive attitude to stay in front of the competition. Opening your private cosmetic salon might be the most profitable option.

7. A Unique Tattooing or Piercing Artist

Tattoo and piercing artists are ultra high-demand jobs in the beauty industry. Those who have artistic talent and if they can combine that with aesthetics, can easily start a career in tattooing and piercing. More and more celebrities and like-minded people strive to get a dazzling tattoo and if you get all the licences and meet rigorous state standards which include hygiene, tool use, and care, you can earn up to $80,000 per year. The job is utterly in high demand since more models, actors, and famous people wish to get a tattoo to add luscious appeal to their persona.

8. Go for Sprucing Beauty Retail Business

In the end, if you are not talented enough to be a makeup or tattoo artist, but you wish to work in the beauty industry – you can open a beauty shop or sell beauty products. For opening your beauty or spa salon you don’t need prior experience, only good interpersonal and multitasking skills. If your passion is to lead a business and you love everything related to beauty and care, opening a private business can let you earn up to $150,000 per year.

Settling for a beauty career is an ongoing process. These high-paying jobs in the beauty industry will certainly tick all the boxes you seek and help you find your dream job.

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