Will Apple Stop iOS 14 Security Updates After iOS 15 Launch?

Apple’s iPhone gets security updates every year. The developers added new security features with each update. The company unveiled that iOS 14 will get security updates even after the iOS 15 launch. Because these built-in security features enhanced the iPhone 12’s security. 

Features like Private Relay and Precise Location improve the browsing experience. More than 70k+ iPhones were hacked from 2021 to 2022. And, this number will most likely decrease with the iOS 14’s high-end features. Switch from iOS 13 to iOS 14 to minimize the security risks. 

However, certain factors need to be considered before the iOS update. Ensure there is sufficient storage in the iPhone and is compatible with this iOS. The software update might be interrupted due to the insufficient battery level. Thus, check whether there is a 50% battery in the iPhone X or XS.

Latest iOS 14 Security Features:

Features Added in Recent iOS 14 Update:

Apple focused more on increasing the iPhone’s security in the recent iOS 14 updates. It added effective security measures to protect the user’s data. A phone lock is not enough to secure the data from unauthorized users. This is why developers introduced additional features in the iPhone 12 models. Contact iPhone Repair Dubai experts to fix the iOS update issues. 

Do you use the iPhone 11 Pro? Access its settings and double-tap on “General”. Head to “Software Update” to get the latest iOS for the device. It may take at least 30-35 minutes to complete the security update. And, you can use the following features after installing iOS 14:

Track Camera and Microphone Usage

The iOS app requires the user’s permission to access the camera or microphone. However, third-party apps use them without your acknowledgment. It increases the chance of a data breach. Thus, Apple added a new security feature to block the camera access.

Moreover, this tracking feature will let you know when apps use a camera or mic. Did you see a green dot on the iPhone screen? It indicates iOS apps are using the camera functions. Additionally, an orange dot will appear when using FaceTime or Voice Memo apps.

Don’t know which apps use the camera/microphone? Open the Control Center menu to get the iOS app list. Furthermore, you can also limit the camera or mic access. Open the iPhone settings and move to “Privacy”. Locate “Microphone” and “Camera”. Toggle off the apps you don’t want to access the device’s camera or mic.

Secure iPhone with Strong Password

Hackers can easily decode the passwords like “123456” or “abcde”. Though these iPhone passcodes are easy to remember, they possess a high level of security risk. Thus, change it using the automatic password generator feature. 

Apple first introduced this feature in the MacBook. This will alert you when you set a weak password. Moreover, iPhone users will get password recommendations. But, where can you get this new iOS 14 security feature? Access the iPhone 12 or Xs settings and tap on “Face ID & Passcode”.

Enable “Security Recommendations” when the next window appears. You will now see the passwords that can cause security issues. Click on the “Change Password” link to generate a secure password. And, sync the password with iCloud for more security.

Increase Network Security

When was the last time you reset the Wi-Fi password? Was that a month ago? Then, setting a new password to enhance web security is high time. Otherwise, hackers can access the iPhone’s Wi-Fi network easily. But, that is not enough; whenever a device connects to the web, it gets a new MAC address. 

The ISPs can track your online activities with this MAC address. Besides, they can check the iPhone’s browsing history. Thus, Apple included “Private Address” to prevent network security breaches. Open the Wi-Fi menu once you install the iOS 14 update. 

Search for the iPhone’s Wi-Fi network name and tap on the “i” icon. Enable “Use Private Address” to get a new MAC address every time it connects to Wi-Fi. It will make it difficult for cybercriminals to access the wireless network.

Safari Cross-Site Tracking Feature

Apple added a new security feature in Safari in the iOS 14 update. iPhone users can secure their online data with Safari’s cross-site tracking. Moreover, you can browse different websites without any privacy concerns. Access the browser’s “Settings” and toggle on “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”. 

Additionally, Safari gets a “Privacy report” page after the new security update release. Go to the browser’s address bar and double-tap on “AA”. It will show you the details about the malicious sites. Furthermore, users can check which websites use trackers. And, how many of these trackers has Safari blocked over the last 30 days?

App Privacy Card

Apple announced this security feature at the last WWDC event. However, iOS 14 didn’t yet get the App Privacy card even after the recent update because the developers detected issues during the beta test. It can be assumed that they are still working on this feature.

App Privacy cards will give you more details on how apps collect data. Moreover, you can even see how that information is recorded and shared on the web. iPhone users might get this feature on the App Store or can enable it from “Settings”.

Hide Your Location from Hackers

The Weather and the Apple Maps app track your location all the time. And, if a hacker gets access to these apps, they can track where you are. Thus, limit the location access updating the iOS. Open the iPhone’s settings and opt for “Privacy and Location Services”.

Choose the apps with which you want to share your location. Moreover, you will get three options – Never, Always, and While using the app. Select “Never” to hide the location from the cyberattackers. Moreover, there is also a new “Precise Location” feature in iOS 14, and it allows you to hide the GPS when using a navigation app.

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Will Apple Keep on Releasing Security Updates for iOS 14 Devices?

Apple might stop releasing new security updates after the iOS 14.8.1 launch. This indicates you have to install the iOS 15 update after that. The previous iOS won’t support the iPhone. Apple claimed that they never intended the iOS 14 security update to last forever. And, the company won’t include new security features in the future. 

However, Apple promises to fix the iOS 14.8’s security fixes. But, it somehow failed to do that. And, many iPhone users have switched from iOS 14 to iOS 15 since then. This is another reason why Apple won’t further integrate more security features. Moreover, the developers won’t release security updates until they solve the previous issues.

Why iOS 14 Devices will no Longer Receive any Security Updates?

Many iOS 14 users faced security vulnerabilities. Moreover, iPhones running on this software are more susceptible to hacking. iPhone owners reported that they lost their sensitive data after installing the update. Thus, Apple is planning not to continue the iOS 14 security update. The Precise Location feature reveals the iPhone owner’s location. And, it creates a major security concern for iOS 14 users. 

Apple announced that iOS 14 users don’t need to install iOS 15 last year. But, you can now no longer use it when iOS 15.2.1 comes out. And, this will eventually force the users to install iOS 15. Currently, iOS 15 is installed in more than 72% of iPhones. Apple wants to increase this number in the coming years. So, switch from iOS 14 to iOS 15 to increase the device protection.

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