7 Effective Hacks To Cure Your Toothache

7 Effective Hacks To Cure Your Toothache

A bite of cold ice cream and hours of uncomfortable toothache. Who wants to be resistant to eating their favourite spicy food?

Something wrong in our gums or teeth actually causes toothache around your tooth. Most often, a pain in another part of our body causes a trigger in our tooth. You should never ignore toothaches. Now, our unhealthy diet and junk have made our teeth more prone to such infections. I assisted some doctors at Fatima Dental Clinic in Karachi. Through my experience, I noticed that many serious conditions are due to the late diagnosis and not going to the dentist. During this period, I learnt a lot about different ways to cure tooth infections. By working with those experienced doctors, I got exposure in the field and got a look at many unknown diseases. They taught us various ways to prevent such diseases and we told them to the patients to avoid further inconvenience.


What Causes Toothache? 

Toothache can be due to numerous reasons like any dental abscess, a broken filling, tooth decay or a cracked tooth. Furthermore, it can be due to an infection caused by bacteria, any problem with your braces, dust in your nails, unhealthy food or any spices stuck in your teeth. But, the most common among all of these causes is tooth decay. Most people neglect their teeth, don’t brush them daily and eat irregularly which lead to the decay of their teeth.


How can Toothache be Cured?

Efficient and natural ways are best to cure your toothache and make your gums healthy. There can be various ways from using clove oil to using a thyme mouthwash. We’ll discuss them in detail to get our ideas clear.

  • Using Clove and Thyme Oil Efficiently:

Clove and thyme have a history of treating toothache. Take out the oil of clove and thyme, use them separately. Thyme has amazing properties of antioxidant and antibacterial. They have the power to numb the pain and reduce inflammation naturally. Take a cotton ball and apply the oil to your teeth. You can use it as a mouthwash too by adding a few drops of oil to the water. 

  • Rinse Your Teeth:

Rinsing your teeth with salt water can clean infections and relieve the pain temporarily. It is easy to use as you have to mix half a teaspoon of table salt into a glass of warm water. Warm salt water acts as a natural disinfectant and helps in reducing inflammation. It is advised not to swallow the saltwater. It has been proven as an efficient first-line cure for many oral wounds. 

  • Apply Cold Compress:

Applying a cold compress using ice or frozen vegetables with a cloth causes the blood vessels in that area to constrict. Apply the cloth at the side of your face at which you are experiencing pain. It will assist in reducing inflammation and pain. You have to keep that cloth packed ice for at least 20-25 minutes over that affected area. For better results, dentists advise repeating this process after every few hours.

  • Go for an Acupuncturist:

It is not a bad idea to go for an acupuncturist in Karachi for the treatment of toothache. Acupressure helps in relieving toothache by processing the pain signals from nerves. It reduces the adenosine and blood pressure of the body that eases the CNS. It has been proven beneficial for many people.

  • Benefits of a Tea Bag:

Teabags of peppermint can be used to relieve pain. Cool a used tea bag and apply to the affected area, it will soothe the sensitivity area. It’s completely your choice whether you want to apply a frozen bag or a slightly warm bag. They numb the oral pain and wounds for a short span. 

  • Make a mouthwash out of Guava Leaves:

Guava leaves help in healing the wounds as an anti-inflammatory product. You can make a mouthwash by crushing the leaves and then boiling them in water. Alternatively, people can chew the fresh guava leaves to blunt the pain.

  • Traditional Use of Fresh Garlic:

Garlic has a magnificent role in killing harmful bacteria. It has been known for its astonishing medicinal features even thousands of years ago. Chewing the fresh garlic can numb the pain but people rebuke it in this way. So, crushing the garlic cloves to make a thick paste of it, apply to the affected area and wait for the pain to relieve. 


Other Remedies! 

Besides these natural ways, you can take care of your teeth by brushing them regularly thrice a day. Choose fluoride toothpaste. Some other ways like using vanilla extract and anti-inflammatory ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and ibuprofen can be used to numb the oral pain.

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