5 Essentials for Your Shaving Kit

Are you trying to come up with a shaving routine that would give you fruitful results? Remember that different men have different viewpoints on how to go about it. Some minimalists consider just a Head Shaver and a source of lather as the complete package. But, some simply get swayed by the latest advertisements and flood their bathrooms with a wide range of shaving supplies. Unfortunately, the outcome of both these strategies turns out to be an unsatisfactory shave, coupled with some sort of rash or annoying skin irritation, be it due to sheer overkill or lack of proper care.


Although there might be some disagreement on what an ideal shaving kit should contain, in any case, there are a few essentials that should be present. All of these items work together cohesively thus giving you the smoothest and closest possible shave. Below mentioned are five essentials where there is no room to compromise, but, based on your Personal Preference Looking, you can add a product here and there. Just have a look at them photograph your product then you can hire a Good Product Photography Expert.


Item 1: Lathering Agent

As soon as you pick out your razor, the next step is to find a suitable lathering agent. When it comes to the department of lathering agents, there are a lot of options for you to choose from, ranging from shaving foams and shaving soaps to shaving gels and creams. Once you apply a quality lathering agent, it not only makes for a smooth and comfortable shaving experience while you shave with a Head Shaver but also provides nourishment to your scalp leaving it hydrated and refreshed after every shave. Remember that substandard products can lead to drying of the scalp, and other forms of scalp irritation such as nicks and cuts, and those annoying rashes.


A rich and luxuriant lather will be built up by a quality shaving gel or cream, ideal for a long, easy-going shave. This is the option to go for if you are having a day off and want to devote some time to personal grooming. A light, airy lather can be featured by the best shaving foams with just a couple of sprays. If you are looking to achieve a classy clean-shaven look with a Bald Head Shaver which is incredibly low on maintenance, this is what you would require, especially if you are a man who is constantly on the move.


Item 2: Razor

This is one of the most indispensable items in your shaving kit. So, it becomes quite important that you select the best razor for your shaving requirements. A cartridge razor would be the best option for you if you are just starting with shaving.  Not only they are available at pocket-friendly rates, but they also make shaving an effortless process. Therefore, your shaving kit is incomplete without a Razor.


Item 3: Shaving Brush

After navigating through the different types of razors and lathering agents out there, the next step is to find the appropriate shaving brush that would suit your requirements. When you use shaving cream, the shaving brush builds up additional cushioning on your face that allows for a much more comfortable shave while shaving with a Head Shaver. They help the scalp hairs stand up on end, which allows easy slicing of the razor through your scalp and thus you get a closer shave. You can get natural hair-shaving brushes like a badger, boar, and horse hair at varying price points which mainly depends on their lathering capability and how they feel on your scalp. You can also opt for synthetic shaving brushes as an animal-friendly alternative that not only offers great water retention but is also soft on your skin.


Item 4: Pre Shave Oil

The right pre-shave oil or lotion can be a game-changer for you, if after you shave with a Baldie Pro-Head-Shaver your sensitive skin is regularly left raw and red. Your scalp gets prepared as the Pre Shave Oil opens up the pores on your face, thus flushing out oil, grime, and bacteria that act as blockages. The bristly and wiry scalp hair is also softened by them which allows effortless gliding of the razor over the contours of your face, offering you a much more pleasant shave every time. In this way, the risk of post-shave skin irritation, rashes, and cuts is highly reduced, thereby improving your overall scalp health and enhancing your appearance.


Item 5: After Shave Balm/Lotion

To ensure that your scalp is properly taken care of after you have shaved your head with a Head Shaver, a quality post-shave product has become one of the essentials in a shaving kit. We all have grown up seeing our fathers complete their shaves with a quick splash of after-shave lotion, and to smell its heady scent and subtle sting, we have also applied a bit ourselves. But, there is some alcohol content in almost all these lotions. They act as a great antiseptic but at the same time, you should remember that it dries your scalp out. Always look for a quality alcohol-free aftershave that will not only keep your pores clean but also ensure that your scalp stays healthy and moisturized.

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